Well, I just finished uploading some great audios to the basic broadcast on the all adult internet sex radio channel, otherwise known as Cock Radio.  We have new erotic audios from Ms Alexis, MsAshley, Ms Cecilia, Ms Tara, Ms Courtney, Ms Heather, Ms Lillith, and Ms Elizabeth.  Listen in and get PUMPED up with the sexy ladies!

This week our interview of the week will be a recorded interview from Ms Ava and Ms Cecilia’s Vox Erotic show done on April 12th.  This was an interview that Ms Ava and Ms Cecilia conducted with Mrs. Claudia  a lifestyle domme who has a unique approach to her femdom marriage.  This was an interesting interview so listen in if you missed it.  This interview will air on the radio Friday morning at 8AM and Sunday afternoon at 3PM Eastern times.

Ms Dallas will be taking a hiatus from her radio show on May 3rd and 17th as well as June 7th.  In place of her daily show for those Saturdays we will be playing various interviews.  Don’t worry boys, she’s only taking Saturdays, she’ll be doing her regular show all the other days of the week from 12PM to 2PM daily.

Ms Ashley has moved her radio show to Fridays and Saturdays from 2PM to 3:30PM Eastern so check out her show at her new days and times.

Lastly, does anyone have any requests for us?  Leave a comment here on the blog and we’ll see what we can do to get it on the air for you!

 Until then, Rock out with your Cock OUT and stay tuned in to the only internet radio station dedicated to your Masturbation pleasures…..Cock Radio.