If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Ms Ally and Ms Trish’s Interview with JoySquirt from JoySquirts.com you missed a great show. But fear not, you can download the show right here: on TalkSHOE as well as any other show from the Ms Ally and Ms Trish series. These shows are completely mp3 player compatible as a podcast and so much fun to listen to! We’re also playing this show on Cock Radio this Sunday at 3PM Eastern. Each and every Sunday you will find a Provocatalk Show replayed for your listening pleasure so be sure to tune in, you never know what you might hear!

There are a lot of fun new erotic audios on Cock Radio also. Everything from an essay by Princess Heather on orgasm denial and training to the history of stockings with Ms Cecilia, there is something for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to listen to your favorite Mistresses, so tune in and turn on!