Hi there cock fans!!!!

Today at 12 noon eastern time the very sexy Princess Andi is debuting her brand new show, Sweet Sensations, live, on cock radio !!! This show will be a weekly event held every Monday at noon and Ms Andi has many fun things in store for her show….would you like to know what they will be? Well for that you are going to have to tune in and head on over to the adult kink chat room …. you know how I like to make you work for the things you want hehehehehe.

I am very excited to have Ms Andi joining the cock jock team, and to have her doing an afternoon show is awesome….as many of you know there are no day time shows, so this will be the first in a very very long time! So be sure to show your love and support and pop in for a fun afternoon chat and radio show with the ohh so sexy Princess Andi!



Monday Mystery Mistress

As you all know every Monday at 8 pm there is a new Mystery Mistress live on the cock radio air waves…..and of course this week there will be one super fine, ultra sexy and amazingly fun Mistress teasing you all!

As usual the first person who is able to guess who the mystery Mistress is by leaving a comment right here on this blog post befor 7:30 pm eastern will win 10 free minutes of phone sex with ME!!!! So are you ready to figure out who it is???

This Mistress is not just sexy but she is fun….she knows how to tease you all and please you all…and her sexy voice and funny disposition will have you feeling warm and tingly all over….she has done the Mystery Mistress before and you all loved her doing it.

Do you have any idea who it is yet? Well to find out if you were correct join the adult kink chat room and tune in at 8 pm eastern time to cock radio and see if your guess was correct!!!