Cock Radio would like to thank the chatters in the adult chat room, the mistresses who partied into the wee morning hours and everyone else who cane out to support the Cock’s third birthday. We love you all and we just want you to know we will be here as long as you will have us. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can make the cock even stronger and harder for you, drop us a line at or stop by the adult social network and say hi to the Cock there. We love you all. Special thanks to Ms Ann, Ms Sophia, Ms Constance, Ms Gemma,Ms Lauren,Ms Hunter, and Ms Holly for the awesome job they did spinning the tunes and talking sexy on the radio. For the chatters, magnus, Kindle, Our Ms Ann’s Steph, Wes, fluffer, EP, Kel, Shinyknob, Saint…if I forgot you I apologize. We love you and your support. Keep rocking with us. Don’t forget these ladies also take your sexual fantasies and phone sex calls, so give us a call sometime.