HI There cock fans!!!

The ohh so sexy Ms. Cooper has a very special show planned for tonight, she is doing her own naughty version of the dating game!! You are going to be treated to our very own chat room kinkster Forrest hosting and a Special Mystery Mistress will be joining in on the fun too!

This Mystery Mistress will be asking the hot steamy questions of the bachelors and she will decide which bachelor turned her on enough to win the prize!!
What is the prize? Well Forrest will be hand  picking the prize that fits with the winning bachelor, now this sounds very interesting to me!!!

I personally have been to many of Ms. Coopers Cock Radio shows and I can tell you that a good time is had by all each and every time and tonight will be no different the chat will be lively the radio will be rocking and Ms. Cooper and her Sexy Mistress Guess will be ready for anything you can dish out!

The Show starts at 8 pm eastern and goes for 2 full hours so make sure you tune in and join in on all the sexy fun!

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