Hi there cock fans!!!!

Well I hate to announce this but tomorrow night will be the last Mystery Mistress show for the foreseeable future. It has had a good long run I think 3 years or better at this point! But alas it is time to put it to rest for now and look towards creating new fun shows.

Now the last Mystery Mistress is an awesome cock jock one we all know love and adore especially her giggle!!! She will probably be dancing about and wiggling her sweet ass and sending the Mystery Mistress show off in style!!!!

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mystery mistressIf you have an idea for a fun show or have a Mistress you would love to do radio hit her up, tell me about it and lets make some new cock radio magic happen!!!

There will also be random pop up shows happening from time to time so be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow cock radio on twitter for any and all latest updates