Please join Ms Ivy and myself tonight for a VERY SPECIAL episode of Hair and Heels.  Tonight, Thursday, March 3rd, at 8PM we are hosting the “Dominees” of the  FIRST  LDW OSCAR’s , which was the brilliant idea and work of none other than our “music and movie” savant Castaway.   He will be joining us on the show as “The Master of Ceremonies”  along with another very “SPECIAL guest.  So, a bit about the Oscars from Castaway…..


As our many film lovers in the community know, it’s Oscar season!  The big question in Hollywood seems to be what will win Best Picture: “The King’s Speech” or “The Social Network”?  This particular cinephile thought David Fincher’s “The Social Network” was terrific, but wouldn’t we all agree that LDW’s own Enchantrix Empire (EE) is THE “social network” of the year?  

 Speaking of LDW and EE, do you know that we are in the middle of our own “Oscar Fever”?  That’s right, there is a group taking nominations for our 1st annual LDW Academy Awards, which have been christened “The Dommees”.  It’s a chance for our clients, fans, and Mistresses to nominate their favorite Mistresses in a variety of categories, from their beauty, their voices, their writing talent, etc.

If you are a member or an aspiring member of Enchantrix Empire (hint: it’s free and should be of great interest to any LDW fan and would like to participate, check out the LDW Oscar group at

There are a couple of paragraphs of instructions to scan in the “Manifesto” thread, and the “ballot template” to copy, paste, fill in, and submit in the “Dommee Nomination Ballot”.  If you have any questions, leave one in one of the group threads or comments section for ‘Castaway’.

To make matters even more exciting, we are announcing the final nominations LIVE on  our adult podcast, “Hair and Heels”, Thursday 3/3 at 8PM EST.  Ms Ivy and Ms Alexandria have graciously ceded a portion of their show to come on and do the honors.  Mistresses and chatters, don’t miss it!

Thanks for reading! 

Join us at 8pm EST  3/3    details also posted on our blog the sneaky cock)