Hey Hey Hey Cock fans!!!

Thursday night has arrived and you all are treated to 3 solid hours of sexy adult fun with the lovely Ms Cooper and Ms Catherine!!!

The fun begins at 8 pm eastern in our adult chat room with Ms Cooper hosting. This chat is a fun way to start of a sexy evening on the Empire you can come hang out with Ms Cooper and chat as she warms you all up for the lovely Ms Catherine who goes live on the cock radio air waves right at 9 pm for her weekly magic carpet ride!!!

The chat and the cock radio are all FREE entertainment brought to you by the sexy ladies of LDW/Enchantrix and they love when all of you join in on the sexy silly fun!!

Don’t be shy about jumping right in on the chat it can be fast and furious… silly and sexy but all are welcome to jump in and have some fun!! I suggest you bring your duct tape and some towels because the Magic Carpet is known to get a bit sticky from time to time….we blame tommiboy hehehehe

So are you ready to have some free sexy adult fun?? Good then be sure to have your sweet ass over in the kink chat room right at 8 and be prepared for one amazing evening of fun with the sexy ladies and chatters!!

Cooper4                                            Catherine