Tonight at 9pm Eastern time  and every Wednesday night, Domina Amanda is teaming up with Empress Hunter to form The Mistress and The Bitchtress, you can figure out which is which. They are both going to be LIVE on Cock Radio at the same time so you lucky boys and gurls get to be teased and tormented by two lovely ladies together!

After the show make sure to call in at 1-800-356-6169 and ask for the 2 Mistress Special Rate of $2.99/min with Domina Amanda and Empress Hunter. This rate is going to be available from 10pm to 11pm so make sure to keep your phone nearby and if you are a really good boy, you may even be able to top off the night with a mind blowing orgasm. Of course if you are a naughty boy, you will probably learn the meaning of frustration with a healthy dose of denial.

Make sure to tune in at 9pm Eastern every Wednesday night and experience great music, amazing mistresses and the battle between good and evil.