Every Wednesday night at Midnight. Right after the Cock Hunter on cockradio, you will be treated to the Three Mistress Trifecta or the new Talkshoe sensation, Menage’ a Trois.  A different role-play scenario and Erotic Fetish discussions will take place each week.  Join Empress Sophia, Empress Cassidy and Empress Laney for this weekly one hour discussion.  If you would like to be included in our “Looking for Mr. Klondike” contest please contact one of us with your resume.  Just email any of us with our name @enchantrixempire.com Host: The Trifecta of Perfection; Ms. Cassidy, Ms. Laney and Ms. Sophia

What are you going to do after Monday night football?   Join Empress Delia for the Enchantrix Eavesdropper Monday nights at 9PM Eastern live on Cock Radio.  Empress Delia will share with you all the naughty secrets, sexy rumors and insider gossip of LDW/Enchantrix.  Do you have a scoop for Ms Delia?  Email her at delia@enchantrixempire.com and let her know YOUR naughty secret, or a secret you uncovered about one of our mistresses.  You may just hear it on the adult radio.

Friday nights are going to get a little warmer with Mistress Tia’s Fireside Fantasies at 10PM Eastern live on Cock Radio.  So, after you’ve been to the Weekly HOT spot, come get cozy and a little warmer with Mistress Tia’s Fireside Fantasies, followed by Empress Hunter with Wank This Way at 11PM Live on Cock Radio.

This isn’t all we have coming up this fall.  So, while you’re looking forward to the new seasons of your favorite tv shows, be sure to check here for our new season.  We’ll keep it kinky, real and erotic as always.  We are dedicated to bringing you all the adult oriented entertainment you can handle on an internet radio station.  So, tune in, turn on and watch things get HOT!