February 9 marked the long-awaited premiere of Ms Cecilia and Miz Ava’s brand new co-hosted live show titled “Vox Erotic Radio�.  This program now airs every Saturday at 10pm EST on Talk Shoe.  Talk Shoe is a website that can be used to generate live, interactive content for internet radio shows and podcasts.   Vox Erotic Radio can be listened to as a live stream each week directly from the Talk Shoe website or as a re-broadcast on Cock Radio following the initial live show. If you’re able to tune in to the live stream of Vox Erotic Radio, you also have the option of calling in to the show and interacting on the air with Miz Ava and Ms Cecilia.

Vox Erotic Radio is the brainchild of Ms Cecilia and Miz Ava…it’s what you get when you put together two smart, quirky, sexy, phone sex Mistresses who share a love for all things kink.  Each week, the program will feature diverse discussion on topics including sexuality, relationships, BDSM, kink-in-the-news, pop culture, fetishes, masturbation, etc.  In addition to intelligent discussion on a wide variety of material,  Miz Ava and Ms Cecilia will co-host games, contests, live interviews and call-ins from listeners. 
The debut show featured a real-time interview with Ms Cecilia and Miz Ava, offering the listeners a chance to get to know each of them as individuals and also as a radio duo.  The ladies later engaged listeners in a new game called “Guess The Mistress� which proved to be a lot of fun and provoked some bouts of hysteria and laughter when the listeners were challenged.  The “Kink/Sex in the News� segment will generally be presented toward the last half of the show and live listeners will also have opportunities to call in to the program at various intervals throughout the broadcast.

Please note that in order to call into the show, new listeners will need to register a user name at the Talk Shoe website.  The live stream of show will not be accessible to unregistered listeners under the age of 18. 

We look forward to you joining in on Saturday’s at 10pm EST!

Miz Ava’s blog: https://blackbookgirls.com/blog/ava/

Ms Cecilia’s blog: https://www.kinkadvice.com/