Tonight at 8pm EST, Mistress Delia and Mistress Marilyn will be bringing you an all new, stroketastic Weekly Hot Spot show for Masturbation May!

This just might be our hottest show yet, because your sexy co-hosts have gotten together to talk about our favorite stroking tricks – and teach you how to make those tricks feel oh-so-good during our interactive show! Bring your favorite bottle of lube to keep things nice and slippery as we guide and control your cock! At the end of tonight’s show, we’ll tell you whether or not you’re allowed to cum 😉

Are you currently being denied your stroking privileges by your Mistress, or perhaps locked in chastity? Then come (not cum!) to the show so we can tease you senseless and give your Mistress an extra dose of amusement when she hears about just how hard you were throbbing for us! We’ll see you in chat at 8pm EST for a stroking good time ;)”