Grab your towels and follow me!  The What The Fuck radio show is moving and I am dragging you with me!

Join me Ms Gemma in my new spot every Wednesday night starting Feb 1st 2012 at 10 pm sharp for an hour of weird but true, good music, and titillating tease.

Those of you who have listened in to my show in the past know that you cannot predict what will happen or what mood I might be in.  So if you are in the mood for an adventure into the unknown make sure to tune in to and expect anything from thought provoking information to What the fuck was that!

I will make you laugh, think, and ponder the difference between sensual and strict.  Here’s a hint boys and girls; that line gets a bit blurry with me.  We will talk about all kinds of toys and possible situations that will make you go MMM. Come on over and I dare you to join in the Mistress Masturbation Minuet every Wednesday night at 10 pm Starting Feb 1st 2012 on cockradio.